By commissioning me, you accept this terms of service


  • These Terms of Service may be updated at any point. In the event that Terms are updated after the client has paid for a commission, the previous iteration will remain valid.
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason
  • If the commissioner is found to be violating these terms, they will be given one warning. After that they blacklisted from commissioning me in the future.
  • All commission types are digital files only. There is no physical product that will be shipped out.

Payments & Refunds

  • I accept payment via Stripe or Paypal invoice only
  • Invoices will be sent out on weekdays only
  • Invoices will be sent out individually per commission, as I work down the queue.
  • Once the invoice has been sent, payment is due in full within 72 hours
  • Commissioners may receive a full refund if:
    • The artist cancels the commission.
    • The commissioner cancels the before any work has begun.
  • If the commissioner wishes to cancel after I have begun working, they will receive a refund approximate to the work completed so far.
  • No refunds will given for completed artwork.

Commission process

  • The commissioner will receive WIPs at each major stage of the process. *Excluding YCH commissions unless requested or otherwise stated.
  • Edits Policy:
    • Large or small edits may be requested at the sketch stage
    • Small edits may be requested at the lineart or coloring stage
    • Minor edits may be requested to completed artwork (within reason)
  • Upon completion, the commissioner will receive both the full resolution and low resolution copy of the artwork.


  • The turnaround for commissions is up to 1 month after payment has been made.
  • The commissioner must let me know upfront if they need the commission by a certain date.
  • There will be a +30% rush fee if the commission is needed in 3 business days or less.
  • I will only accept rush commissions if I feel confident in completing them without sacrificing quality of the artwork.

Copyright & Usage policy

  • All characters depicted in commmissioned artwork belong to their respective owners. However the artist retains copyright to the artwork itself
  • Commissions are intended for personal use only.
  • Redistribution of the artwork for use in printed merchandise or as promotion goods, services or social media pages is prohibited.
  • Commissioners are not permitted to edit/trace commissioned artwork without my permission.
  • Commissioners do not have the right to mint/sell their commission for NFT
  • The commissioner is not permitted to share the full res artwork as it is intended for personal use ONLY
  • The commissioner is welcome to post/share the low res copy as they please.

Updated as of 5/11/2023